​​​Robert Brown Potter
​ ( 1829 - 1887 ) 

Choosing the profession of the law, he settled in New York City and became associated with his brother, Clarkson Nott Potter, who was afterward so long a member of Congress from Westchester, and was engaged essentially in chamber practice.

Soon after his marriage to Frances Payne Tileston, a daughter of William M. Tileston, of New York, who died the year following, leaving one daughter, who in later years married James Lawrence Breese, of New York.

After the death of his wife he travelled in Europe, returning to find the county agitated by threat of rebellion from the Southern States, which shortly culminated in civil war.  To prepare himself for war he spared no pains of study or fatigue.

On his return from the war, 1865, he married Abby Austin Stevens, the daughter of John A. Stevens.  He was then commissioned as full major-general of the United States Volunteers.

On his appointment, in 1865, to command of Connecticut and Rhode Island, of the Military department of the East, he made his headquarters and family residence at Newport.

General Robert B. Potter's Obituary From the New York Times published February 20, 1887

Before the Antietam Campaign:

A New York City lawyer before the War, he was appointed Major in the 51st New York in October 1861 and soon after Lt Colonel. He served on Burnside's Carolina Expedition, fighting at Roanoke Island and New Bern, where he was wounded.  He was promoted to Colonel in September 1862, and was at Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, and Chantilly. 

The Remainder of the War:

He led the Regiment at Fredericksburg in December 1862. In March 1863 he was appointed Brig. General and commanded the 2nd Division/IX Corps in the Vicksburg campaign, at Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Petersburg. He was wounded there in the final assault in September 1865.  He was promoted Maj. General. of Volunteers, and mustered out in January 1866. 

Note:  Heitman lists his middle name as Barnwell. 

Birth Date:  7/16/1829
Place of Birth:  Schenectady, NY
College:  Union College
Death Date:  2/19/1887
Death Place:  Newport, RI

Burial Place:  Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, NY

General Robert B. Potter and staff. Colonel George W. Gowen is sixth from left.  Captain Gilbert H. McKibbin, Captain Wright, A.A.G.  Also Mr. Brady, Photographer.

48th/150th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

General Robert Brown Potter's House in Newport, RI
picture owned by Elizabeth "Libby" Potter Atkins

Robert Brown Potter (1829–1887) was a United States lawyer and a General in the American Civil War.

His father was Alonzo Potter (1800-1865), American bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Pennsylvania.  Potter served as an attorney in New York City prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Potter was commissioned as a major and then promoted to lieutenant colonel during the early days of the war.  He commanded the 51st New York Volunteers at Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run and Antietam. He was wounded at Antietam and at Petersburg, was commissioned a Major General of volunteers in September 1865, and was mustered out in 1866.

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